12 May 2013


Grace to Craig 'Where is your present for Mama?'
Me 'I'm not his mother '
Grace 'But you're his wife'
Nina 'Well, not actually his wife.  His common-law wife.'

Ruby made me Nigella's brownies.  If they weren't necessarily cooked all the way through, well, brownie mixture is delicious as well, isn't it?
Lily made me a lavender bag ( I was corrected when I called it a sachet) at kinder, and two cards.
Grace finger knitted me an awesome necklace in beautiful blue wool.
And Nina made me a pompom, which I know she really loved, so it was kind of her to part with it.

It is sometimes hard to believe that all these girls are really mine.  I looked at them sitting on the end of my bed this morning, thrilled with their hand made gifts, so healthy and so different, and felt amazed and incredibly lucky.

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