31 May 2013

Oodles of Poodles

You never thought I'd sink so low did you?  Making all my girls wear matching skirts! But really, who could resist this hilariously adorable vintage poodle fabric, a gift from the lovely Kim?

These were very simple and the styles largely dictated by the amount of fabric.  I  put zips in the older girls skirts (that is quite a big deal for me, I'm not much of a seamstress).  I think they are fun and was surprised that even Ruby was happy to wear hers to school.  I thought she'd think the matchy matchy thing was way too daggy.  She was less thrilled about the morning photo session but we weren't late so...
Lily can look forward to six years of poodle-skirt wearing.  Poor kid.

Paula, if you read this, do you recognise Lily's cardigan?

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