28 May 2013


Four men, four synths


Vivid on MOCA

Crappy iPhone pic but you get the idea

the hotel

the closest I got to craft all weekend

When Craig booked tickets to Kraftwerk at the Opera House I was hoping for a quilting exhibition...
I'm joking, even I had heard of the seminal band, but probably wouldn't have thought to go.

I went mostly for the trip to Sydney and the chance to catch up with old friends, and I'm so glad I did - for both those reasons but also because Kraftwerk was awesome (and I use that word deliberately).  I was in awe of these guys, most who must now be in their 60's and have maintained such a pure commitment to the form and substance of their music.  Unsullied by anything like instruments or conversation (there were three words - 'goodbye' and 'auf weidesehen'), it was a mesmerising, hypnotic experience, complete with 3D effects.

The Vivid festival started, which was a lot of fun.  Really, Sydney just lends itself to spectacular outdoor events.  We had lunch at Rose Bay with good friends, the sun shone on the harbour as the sail boats drifted by, we stayed at a too-cool-for-Jules hotel, luxuriated in the absence of children, had delicious dumplings, swam in Harry Siedler's swan song, missed the kids and came home.

It is one of the pleasures of having a partner with very different interests to my own. I'm sometimes the beneficiary of an unexpected delight.

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