25 March 2013

Suspects of Crime

It is a very strong fact that Ned Kelly was probably the most knowen outlaw in Australia.  But we have here an outlaw that may become just as knowen as Ned.  Bruce Bornsten, an outlaw, horse thief, cattle thief and bank robber has been accused of brutal behaviour.  He claims it's false but witnesses Jane & Jonathin Kerinatin say that they saw him take two shoots at the local policemen Constable Ronald.  1 missed him but the other was said to have hit him in the elbow.  He seems to be fine and doctors can not find a bullet in his arm.  It is suspicious that Jane & Jon are Ronald's siblings & that constable was arch enemys with Bruce as a child.  Bruce's mother says it was a lie and Ron was just paying Bruce back for stealing his marbles as a child.  We think that, that is hard to believe.  Constable Ronald is a policeman and we think that accusing someone of attempting murder is going WAY too far for stealing someones marbles.  Bruce escaped after being arrested and we offer a reward if you find him.

This is what Bruce said before the police arrested him (and he escaped). 
"I'm an honest man, Constable, you know how terrible it is to lie such a terrible lie.  I don't have any guns so I couldn't of shot you.  Your scared Constable, don't want me to be around you for a few years.  Pouring flour over your head is not the same as shooting you.  How terrible you are Ronald, how terrible a man.  I'm innocent and you know it".

Ruby's class has been reading the Jerilderie Letter.

22 March 2013


Potateos grow under the ground. This may seem strang to some of you but its because if they stay in the light to long they go green and this can be quite dangerous.

21 March 2013

Dangling Fruit

I was in bed when I heard a sound, it sounded like fruit being dangled from my ceiling.

20 March 2013

The Pyjama Party

Pancake breakfast

Bedtime stories with Nina

Fortune telling with the multi-talented Madame Lulu

Tucking in

The hazards of letting five-year-olds add their own toppings

Dodgy bed icecream cake

The aftermath

Grace had a pyjama party to celebrate turning six. Easiest theme ever. We got up, put blankets and quilts around the living room, tucked teddies into 'beds', made a batch of muffins and mixed up some pancake batter and then the guests arrived. They made hot chocolates, played pass-the-parcel, musical statues and sleeping bag relays, sat down to pancakes with various toppings (the clear winner in my book was the hot toffee sauce), then Nina read stories ('The Tiger who Came to Tea', 'Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book') while Ruby took them aside two by two to tell their 'fortunes'. It was a hit - a nearly ten year old holds great sway over the under sevens and she got into character beautifully. Thankfully the heatwave broke a few days before the party, and the weather turned cold - perfect for snuggling up in jammies under blankets. The guests were all terribly sweet and delightful, the party was easy and stress free and best of all Grace had a lovely time.

15 March 2013


Grace turned six yesterday. I had to be in Sydney at 10am on her birthday which meant a very early start, well before she was up. I rang her from the plane before we took off and woke her. Oh her sleepy little six year old voice.....
The travel to and fro and the more-than-an-hour-delay-at-the-airpot-due-to-Sydney-air-traffic-control gave me a chance to finish her present.  I did feel slightly odd, sitting amongst the suits in my work clothes heading to Very Important Meeting, stuffing limbs and sewing tiny felt carrots. Those damn fiddly little boot eyelets took longer than I expected.

She adores it. I have a bit of a thing about Red Riding Hood which I have inflicted on Grace. Like it or not, she's acquiring quite a collection. Of all my children, Grace is surely the most likely to take a basket of goodies through the woods to her sick Granny. Though if a wolf tried to talk to her she'd probably just stare at him blankly. She has a shy-around-grown-ups thing going on.

I love the linen dress this little lass is wearing and I'm tempted to make a matching dress for Grace. Don't think I wouldn't do it.....

The gorgeous green ribbon with pink velvet circles is from France via l'ucello. Such a gorgeous place to visit that I find I don't mind paying the bit extra.   The pattern is from the incomparable Ric Rac.

Grace at six is growing tall and skinny but she still has to most kissable cheeks I've ever seen.

12 March 2013

Hot Dog

It is too hot in Melbourne. We can do searing 42 degree days provided that they are followed up relatively quickly (three day max) with a violent cool change, but these extended, unvaryingly sunny days, where no umbrella or cardigan is required from dawn til dusk feel all wrong; like Perth maybe, or Adelaide.

We got away to the beach for the long weekend, which was hot but lovely, and our poor ancient blind terrier Pablo fell off the deck into a patch of burrs. The fall was a good ten feet and we expected him to at least have broken something, but he is one incredibly hardy and resilient dog. No whinging from him, even though he was enduring the same heat as me in a fur coat! The burrs needed to be cut out, and this led to a full trim - obviously dog groomer is unlikely to be my next profession.

I only had my good sewing scissors with me, I am vigilant about never cutting paper with them but reckoned that fur was not so far from fabric. Anyway, even if they are now horribly blunt, it was the least I could do. Despite the moth eaten appearance, he came up quite well for an old fella, don't you think?

Lily's Quilt

Is started at last.

07 March 2013

Crazy, ridiculous

Crazy ridiculous things in my life right now;

  • the size of this zucchini and the girl holding it. (We sort of ignored it and it kept growing. I suppose it's inedible now. The zucchini that is.)
  • this weather (Come on autumn, we are waiting. I am not interested in any 'record number of consecutive days over 30', or 'hottest March on record' prizes.)
  • the mozzies around this place (That burst of rain a while back was just what you needed. You are loving my kids.)
  • next week (Craig has to go to Brisbane for a day and then go up again the next day for two days and I have to go to Sydney for a day and Grace turns six and we have invited fifteen kids to a party that we have not planned and it will be over 30 all week. And I want to make this for Grace's birthday. Plus normal life, school, work, kinder, piano, chess, netball et al)

05 March 2013


A Book For Young Vampires: This book will help any young vampire with any thing they need to know "What is happening to me?"

Wings & School

Growing Up
v funny eyebrows
beginning of moustache
puffy lips (he has been biting himself overnight)
Growing up can be very hard for a human but for a vampire it is SUPER hard however do not worry:
Before.....2 Weeks Later
So it is very easy and quick for a vampire to return to normal or turn into an adult.

Fangs & Dentology
2 out of 3 young vampires will have a fang overbite but do not be discouraged.  As far as my research goes there is only 2 vampire dentists in the world so most young vampires will have to go to a normal dentist.  DO NOT bite the dentist even if it is SOOO tempting.
If your dentist says you need braces, don't panic just stay calm.
When our dentist is puting the braces in your mouth, it is okay to bite him/her.
"MUNCH". Your dentist will collapse in front of your very eyes but only bite him/her if there is no one else in the room.  Well maybe your mum or dad is okay.  If a nurse is in the room it is okay to bite because she/he will become paralyzed.  It will work this way if there is only 1 human in the room.

Love the broken heart t-shirt, the expression on the winged vampire's face and the way she has nailed this genre of pre-adolescent 'self help' books.

03 March 2013


Ignore my legal notes, Lily's chicken scratchings apparently say that she will be a painter and a dancer when she grows up and that Grace will be a rock climber

01 March 2013

The Wild Wild West

What was really going on in those saloons...