11 April 2011

Rainbow Girl

Nina is my rainbow girl.  She veers toward the multi-coloured.
Nina's quilt close up

I wanted hers to be a rainbow quilt, but just the idea conjured horrible images in my mind.  Whilst rainbows themselves are fabulous, rainbow things can tend towards the cliched, the twee.  Or look like a spectrum chart.  Keeping the design simple seemed key.

Choosing fabric was an indulgence. Seventy in total, ten in each colour. Many, many happy hours.

Nina's quilt backing
I hoped white sashing between the blocks would avert colour overload.  An old white doona cover sufficed.  
I quilted unevenly spaced perpendicular lines.  This was all done on my dear old Singer, so no fancy pants free-motion quilting.  I like the lines though, especially with so much else going on in this quilt.
Craig convinced me to bind it in white.  He leans to the simple, the plain, the unembellished.  He was right.
On the bed


  1. This is so beautiful.

    I love handmade quilts. I've never tried it and to be honest I'm a bit scared of it - too many opportunities to do the maths wrong! I admire those of you who do it so well.

  2. Oh what a lovely quilt!

    I saw your reply on Soulemama's post yesterday and I have a link for you:
    (I hope that works.)

  3. Oh it's beautiful