18 May 2013

Stress Release

Things have been particularly hectic lately, so getting outdoors for a picnic is a good way to relax.

It is especially nice if a friend joins you.

Or two.

If you can identify the biscuits* from the teddy's satchel, chances are you went to an Australian primary school

 in the 1970's.....

Kitty has a white bread ham sandwich and a bottle of milk. Chances are she went to an Australian primary school in the 70's too.

These little folk have been keeping me pleasantly distracted when real life threatens to overwhelm me.

They are made from old wool jumpers and new wool felt.

Their satchels are just big enough to contain supplies for a picnic.

I'm thinking of adding some books, too.  What do you think a rabbit would read?  Alice in Wonderland maybe.

I even made up a pattern for the coats.

It's been chilly in Melbourne this week, so I knitted scarves too.

 I've no doubt there are more productive uses of my time, but few that would be as enjoyable.

* If you guessed the biscuits were a jam fancy and an iced vo vo, you probably also remember when 'God Save the Queen' was our national anthem and Countdown was on at 6.00pm on a Sunday. You may have coveted an ABBA lunch box (or owned one), worn terry towelling clothing, slipped, slopped and slapped and understood that bit of graffiti on Balaclava Station that read 'scratch out Fraser, the seven year itch'. Or you might just be very good with biscuits.


  1. you make lovely things!
    I envy your ability to free motion stitch your quilts!
    I need to teach myself to do that this Summer.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    Hope to "see' you again there.

  2. these are so cute. I love making things too when life threatens to overwhelm me. Food for the soul I say. I often come by and visit your site when I have a moment. So lovely to see the things you make. XoChontelle