20 March 2013

The Pyjama Party

Pancake breakfast

Bedtime stories with Nina

Fortune telling with the multi-talented Madame Lulu

Tucking in

The hazards of letting five-year-olds add their own toppings

Dodgy bed icecream cake

The aftermath

Grace had a pyjama party to celebrate turning six. Easiest theme ever. We got up, put blankets and quilts around the living room, tucked teddies into 'beds', made a batch of muffins and mixed up some pancake batter and then the guests arrived. They made hot chocolates, played pass-the-parcel, musical statues and sleeping bag relays, sat down to pancakes with various toppings (the clear winner in my book was the hot toffee sauce), then Nina read stories ('The Tiger who Came to Tea', 'Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book') while Ruby took them aside two by two to tell their 'fortunes'. It was a hit - a nearly ten year old holds great sway over the under sevens and she got into character beautifully. Thankfully the heatwave broke a few days before the party, and the weather turned cold - perfect for snuggling up in jammies under blankets. The guests were all terribly sweet and delightful, the party was easy and stress free and best of all Grace had a lovely time.

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  1. How adorable! I love the smileys on the pancakes, and what fun to be able to have games and a fortune-teller too!