15 March 2013


Grace turned six yesterday. I had to be in Sydney at 10am on her birthday which meant a very early start, well before she was up. I rang her from the plane before we took off and woke her. Oh her sleepy little six year old voice.....
The travel to and fro and the more-than-an-hour-delay-at-the-airpot-due-to-Sydney-air-traffic-control gave me a chance to finish her present.  I did feel slightly odd, sitting amongst the suits in my work clothes heading to Very Important Meeting, stuffing limbs and sewing tiny felt carrots. Those damn fiddly little boot eyelets took longer than I expected.

She adores it. I have a bit of a thing about Red Riding Hood which I have inflicted on Grace. Like it or not, she's acquiring quite a collection. Of all my children, Grace is surely the most likely to take a basket of goodies through the woods to her sick Granny. Though if a wolf tried to talk to her she'd probably just stare at him blankly. She has a shy-around-grown-ups thing going on.

I love the linen dress this little lass is wearing and I'm tempted to make a matching dress for Grace. Don't think I wouldn't do it.....

The gorgeous green ribbon with pink velvet circles is from France via l'ucello. Such a gorgeous place to visit that I find I don't mind paying the bit extra.   The pattern is from the incomparable Ric Rac.

Grace at six is growing tall and skinny but she still has to most kissable cheeks I've ever seen.


  1. Julie, this is totally and utterly gorgeous. Your girls are so lucky.

    I can well imagine you among the suits stitching tiny carrots!!

    I also love L'ucello and happily spend more just for the joy of being in the shop. At Christmas time it's basically paradise.


  2. That is truly wonderful. I don't know how you do it. And Grace would adore a dress that matched, if she's anything like my own 6yo that is.

  3. Beautiful. I too love Little Red Riding Hood.