12 March 2013

Hot Dog

It is too hot in Melbourne. We can do searing 42 degree days provided that they are followed up relatively quickly (three day max) with a violent cool change, but these extended, unvaryingly sunny days, where no umbrella or cardigan is required from dawn til dusk feel all wrong; like Perth maybe, or Adelaide.

We got away to the beach for the long weekend, which was hot but lovely, and our poor ancient blind terrier Pablo fell off the deck into a patch of burrs. The fall was a good ten feet and we expected him to at least have broken something, but he is one incredibly hardy and resilient dog. No whinging from him, even though he was enduring the same heat as me in a fur coat! The burrs needed to be cut out, and this led to a full trim - obviously dog groomer is unlikely to be my next profession.

I only had my good sewing scissors with me, I am vigilant about never cutting paper with them but reckoned that fur was not so far from fabric. Anyway, even if they are now horribly blunt, it was the least I could do. Despite the moth eaten appearance, he came up quite well for an old fella, don't you think?

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