16 May 2012

Sixteen O'Clock

Mother's day gifts from top:

The Sixteen O'Clock clock by Grace

Self portrait with mother by Ruby

Mum in bed by Grace

Lily by Lily

'Mothers' mini book by Nina
Does your mama sing you songs at night?
Does she cook you yummy meals?
Does she take you too the park?
Does she buy you icecream?
Does she take you out to nice places?
Does she buy you treats?
Does she get you lovely presents on your birthday
Does she read you books?
Does she let you stay up late?
Does she take you to dancing?
Does she take you to fetes?
Does she buy you toys?
Does she help you when your confused?
Does she draw with you?
Does she make you play dough?
Does she play games with you?
Does she give you huge and snuggly hugs?
Does she kiss you good bye?
Does she cook with you?
Does she help you find things?
Does she take you to the moveies?
Does she make things with you?
Does she make you breakfast?
Does she let you come into her bed when you've had a bad dream?
Does she ride you to school and kinder?
Does she take you to cafes?
I love my mummy.
Happy mothers day mummy love Nina 2012


  1. They are just so beautiful,
    I used to think Mothers Day was a bit of a crock. BUt now I LOVE all the home-made gifts and words.

    1. I agree about mother's day too, but the handmade gifts are priceless.

  2. Your daughters are gems.

    E x

    1. You are sweet Eleanor. Nice to hear from you.