07 March 2013

Crazy, ridiculous

Crazy ridiculous things in my life right now;

  • the size of this zucchini and the girl holding it. (We sort of ignored it and it kept growing. I suppose it's inedible now. The zucchini that is.)
  • this weather (Come on autumn, we are waiting. I am not interested in any 'record number of consecutive days over 30', or 'hottest March on record' prizes.)
  • the mozzies around this place (That burst of rain a while back was just what you needed. You are loving my kids.)
  • next week (Craig has to go to Brisbane for a day and then go up again the next day for two days and I have to go to Sydney for a day and Grace turns six and we have invited fifteen kids to a party that we have not planned and it will be over 30 all week. And I want to make this for Grace's birthday. Plus normal life, school, work, kinder, piano, chess, netball et al)

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