01 April 2011

Written and Illustrated

Ruby wants to be a writer and an illustrator when she grows up. She likes to sit at the table and draw whilst narrating a story, some of which she records in speech bubbles coming from the characters she's drawn.
It's all pretty stream-of-consciousness and doesn't make a lot of sense unless she tells you what is going on and points to the appropriate bubble in sequence. Graphic novels would be right up her alley.
Posh ladies who are mean to poor but virtuous people are a current theme.

As are playground bullies who are stood up to by their smaller but feisty victims.

She writes  'conventional' books too.  The Jibber Jabber sisters was a semi-collaborative effort with Nina. They started at the beginning of 2010 and finished at the end, working on it every now and then.
She's mastered the conventions of the novel. Chapters include "Get to Know the Jibber Jabber Sisters";  "Trouble for the Jibber Jabber Sisters" and "Run For It Jibber Jabber Sisters!". 

Jabber Jabber Sisters page view

The back cover reads "A Ruby and Nina Classic".  Indeed.
Lately we've been reading the Little House books and her drawings and imaginative play have taken a distinctly old fashioned turn. (oh we've also been watching The Railway Children and reading Ivy & Bean - can you tell?)
Peter (nickname Pete), Ivery (nickname Ivy), Jonathan (nickname John), Mother (nickname Ma), Roberta (nickname Bobie), Beatres (nickname Bean)

I am all the more intrigued by her drawings because in them I recognise nothing of myself, or my own drawing style. It's her very own thing.  They say that the child at seven reveals the adult to come.  I can't help hoping so.


  1. I'm truly amazed by these images and stories. May she become what she hopes too.

  2. Gee ruby is amazing. what can i say!!!!!
    i hope so too

  3. Wow your daughters are super talented! Those drawing are wonderful! I think there is a big future indeed!

  4. Wow. Wow. Wow! The drawings are just so detailed and interesting! At 19 months my son scribbles, but I have to imagine that it's going to be somewhat fascinating to watch your children's inner artist emerge. I would be busting my buttons!

  5. Ruby is clearly already a writer and Illustrator! I wanted to be an Illustrator when I grew up and used to do book covers with no content! Still not doing much with any content but making a living out of it none the less.... Go Ruby! caitlinx