02 May 2012

Harvest Time

elf hats

matchbox mice

old suits - new bags

more suits into bags with embroidery

Such a very Melbourne day today. I woke during the night to steady rain and it continued on and off all day. Sydney is a stunning place, the soft sandstone colours, the gorgeous light, the sudden glimpse harbour blue between buildings, or from the rise of a hill.
But in Melbourne the ubiquitous bluestone is cold and punishing. The famous grid allows no surprises, can't fetter the wind.  From my office I watch darkness gather, the lights of the city blurring through the rain. Pushing into a crowded tram, crawling through peak hour, the Chinese tram driver is gentle as he asks people to please step out of the doorway. People accommodate. Everyone wants to get home.
Sometimes,on nights like this, I love Melbourne best. Riding through the back streets smelling the cooking coming from people's kitchens, or the smoke from a chimney. Hearing the rhythmic weekend roar from Princess Park (do they still play footy there?). Knowing that you're not far from home, and it's warm, and there is soup, or cake.
When we were kids we'd rake the fallen pine needles into the gutter and burn them off. You're not allowed to burn off anymore. Neighbour kids would gather at our little bonfire and we'd toast marshmellows.
We have nothing to harvest this year. We grew only a few sorry tomatoes and some lovely basil, both long gone.
But still, it's harvest time, and our school celebrates with a gathering over pumpkin soup, songs, lantern making and wine. I'll miss it this year, but have produced a minor harvest of my own for their craft stall. I'm sorry not to be there, but not too sorry. I'll be somewhere pretty exciting myself......

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