09 May 2012


Can you see how my stippling is improving?  There is nary a pucker on the back of this baby.

Once I would have thought that there was room for, perhaps, one quilt in my life. Maybe. Now, it transpires that there is barely an occasion where a quilt is not an appropriate gift. So, for example, if you are a not-particularly-newly-married-gay-couple, living in the tropics, with no interest in handicrafts, a quilt is obviously the perfect belated wedding present.

I think it is quite a manly quilt yes? Grey and orange. Bold pattern. Not too much stuff going on. Am I kidding myself?

In any event, my dear friend Bruce and his gorgeous Serbian husband Nenad, did a very good impression of people who like it. And I like it too.

Thank you to Sandra who showed me the cyrillic for 'Chestitamo Nenad i Bruce' (congratulations Nenad and Bruce, which I quilted around the edges.)

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  1. It is a lovely quilt, and adding the cyrillic was a really thoughtful touch