23 May 2012

Robot Century

Recent work
Robot Century by Nina

Mr Puglo by Nina

Painting by Lily

Morning time by Grace

Girl with hair by Ruby

This girl is getting into trouble for wearing her hair out.

Cross teacher by Ruby

'It's just not acceptable' says her teacher in a Southern twang

Same girl with different hair by Ruby

'Well how about if I wear it like this?'

Ruby can spend hours drawing and narrating the story as she goes. She does all the characters and voices and draws over the same bits of paper so at the end it is usually impossible to really follow the action. That is not the point.

Cooking for the queen by Ruby

This is typical. The poor girl is forced to cook for the queen. Her little brothers and sisters hide in the corner of the kitchen in sacks and peep over the top (one clings to her leg).  Here's a close up.

Peeping out of sacks by Ruby.


  1. I love all the creations. Ruby's stories and sketches are breathtaking, reminds me of Quentin Blake's work, amazing, bless her she's quite something.... give her a hug from me, what a great way to start the day. E x

  2. Thought Ruby might get a kick out of watching this short video of Q. Blake in his studio. I almost saw her standing beside him as his apprentice.