20 March 2011

Superb Restaurant

I am rarely happier than when several hours pass without sibling bickering.  When those hours are spent in unsupervised collaborative creativity and when this means I can catch up on the many many unread New Yorker magazines in my life, I am nearly ecstatic.
This is a recent incarnation of a favourite pastime - making "Superb Restaurant" out of things in the garden.
The season is turning and in the overcast evening the colours were gorgeous.(which my photography does not adequately capture)
There was quite a spread on offer;

birthday cake even.

Piles of 'sherbet'; escargot; hay for the horses (?)...
The colour, the colour the colour.


  1. this post brings me back to my childhood days when we used to make stone stew for hours. loving that birthday cake.

  2. im a bit peckish myself.....wheres the mud pie

  3. Yum. I'd like to make a booking at this restaurant please!