05 March 2011

In Parliament Tonight

I thought I better establish my craft credentials early with a post about owls.  Its obligatory, isn't it, to make at least one owl in your crafting life?  Here are four, a gift for a two year old friend.  If you are not familiar with the book, three baby owls wake to find their mother gone.  They wait for her, trying to reassure themselves and each other that she will return. She does, of course.

These were made from an old cardigan I had unintentionally felted in the wash.  I'm not a great one for handwashing and have done this more times that I care to remember.  I always think that somehow I'll get away with it and am cross with myself when I don't.

I can't claim the idea as mine.  I was inspired by similar ideas - soft toys to accompany books- that I've seen on various blogs which now I cannot recall.  Forgive me for not attributing your idea if you have done this already.  I made a little calico bag to keep them altogether, stamped it with great inexpertise and it was done.  We watched nearly all of series 3 of 'The Wire' whilst I embroidered these.  Nice to combine telly with productivity.  Wish I could read and sew.
Here's the littlest owl in a nest that fell out of our grapefruit tree.  He's a bit blinded by the sun.


  1. They're gorgeous Jules. Love the eyes. Cath

  2. your owls are perfect...i love that book.