26 March 2011

I walk the line

I try to walk the line between adorable and nauseating.  Sometimes I'm sure I cross it.  Here is Parsley from a pattern by the great Ric-Rac.
Parsley has tea

I've never stooped to doing mother/daughter ensembles, but daughter/toy ensembles?  oh yeah, done those....
Lily's pinafore and Parsley's dress


  1. O.M.G, that is Adorable. I am of the firm opinion Jodie is a national treasure.

  2. Soooo super cute! The elephant is darling (and great to get pattern feedback on Ric Rac, because I haven't experimented with her designs yet, but love the blog) and those pinafores are just darling. You must have been "awww" and squealing the whole time you were making them...I would have been! And by the way, that Farmdale fabric is one of my absolute favorites.