23 April 2013

How to Make a Crib (in one thousand easy steps)

I found this sheaf of stapled papers stuck up with blu-tac in the playroom. Nina has set herself a project to build a crib (what we would actually call a cot - see cultural hegemony) and has worked out her plan:  the days she will and won't work on it (I will not make the crib on my B-day....Ruby's B-day is the 21st and I won't make it on her B-day either), the measurements of the blankets, a paper model and 'ideas with chalk'.  She's got her birds eye model and her layered model (labelled).  This is more planning that I have ever done in my life.  Certainly more planning that I did for any actual babies I had.  Where did this child come from?  I am simultaneously awed and bemused by her.

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