15 March 2011

Love that mind

Leaf drawing

I'm not a botanist so I'm only guessing that this is a succulent leaf.  It's one of those leaves that is coated in a kind of dust which rubs off.  Nina found them sticking out of someone's fence and picked a few to draw on.
I love her weird and wonderful creations. This is an incomplete record of Nina's recent creations:

Hedgehog stamp - sadly scribbled on by Lily.  The perils of younger sisters....

Tiny dancer

A tiny ballerina made from a stick and gum nut, pipe cleaner arms and a paper skirt;

Boy in a boat
This little fella was made from something (plasticine maybe?) and lives in his own little paper bowl.  I'm especially fond of his belly button.

Tree scene

 A doodly little sketch done whilst we were reading stories the other night.
Tree scene close up

The movement of the leaves, the wavy lines on the ground, the branches, just capture something of the tree to me.
Stick family - Photo by Nina

After she made this family she had a photo session for them, capturing every permutation and combination.  Love the cat and dog.

Work station

A computer and desk.  I especially love the mouse and the cursor on the 'screen', also the placement of the jar and bead on the desk to give it that authentic desk look.

World (1)

For a while she drew a heap of these 'worlds'. These are from when she was four, just turning five.  She can't really explain what they are but she knows them as she is drawing them.  She is quite immersed in each world and she knows when it is complete.  Some are large, others are a few lines connected.  Some she never finishes. 

World (2)
I love her figurative stuff but I hope she never stops doing these.


  1. They are just wonderful. I love the worlds too, and the cat & dog up sideways. Great to have a record of these. lv cath

  2. Nina is so creative. An artist in the making! Love the stick family Michelle

  3. Amazing Nina !!
    love the stick family would love one of those for my bday