18 November 2013


Sorry if you are not that in to slightly blurry photos of gingko leaves.  We went to Boston Common yesterday during an unseasonably warm and sunny day.  It seemed that most of Boston had the same idea and we shared our little picnic spot on a carpet of ginkgo leaves with families, lovers, squirrels and even a lesbian wedding straight out of Ruby's drawing - two lovely brides, both in white (one long and traditional dress, one short cocktail dress with a blue sash.  lovely!)

Many people seemed to be getting professional photos taken.  We speculated that perhaps they were having family portraits done for those American style Christmas cards that I have heard about.  Not infrequently the family groups were in matching colours - black pants and red tops for instance.

George Washington was wearing a Red Socks t-shirt and there was a large group of Uni students on a scavenger hunt.  There were (good) buskers and though we had intentions of going to some historic sites, we couldn't seem to leave.


  1. I am squealing slightly over such a proliferation of ginkgo leaves!

    1. I thought of you as we frolicked about.