13 November 2013

We've Arrived

To the last of the fall leaves,
And the remains of Halloween decorations.
Yesterday, when we landed , was sunny and relatively mild, but today was considerably colder and the jackets we brought from home didn't cut it.  At the end of quite a shopping spree we were all significantly warmer.
 I'd forgotten how much I love the architecture of New England. There is something both restrained and extravagant about it. Those tall wooden lines, then crazy domes, turrets and colours.

 We were all thoroughly exhausted after our flight.  You can see Ruby flaked out on the couch. She's got so tall...
We slept in till nearly midday today and with the sun setting around 4pm the day was short. We're spoiled for choice as to how to spend tomorrow, and the lovely thing is that we don't have to rush. A day or more at home is just fine too. And how about this:

Right at the end our street, a fabric and yarn store 'JP Knit and Stitch'. Serendipitous I think.

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