08 November 2013


Things we are enjoying about Hawaii
Shave ice;

White eggs! Rare as hen's teeth in Melbourne these days;

Staying in a great old beach shack right on the beach. The waves are maybe 4 metres from our window;
Fresh pineapple;

Four year olds in special birthday dresses. I brought this all the way from home just to watch her spin in it in Haleiwa on her birthday;

 This view;

Hawaii telecom phone boxes. Why not add some hibiscus to your corporate signage?;

 The labels on butter here - so pretty;

This great little town;

A bikkie stuffed with a bikkie!

Ruby had to try one.  She's pointing to the Oreo in her cookie;

This sweet local court house;

The way that kids effortlessly assimilate to their surrounds and make a game. Whilst I always need to unpack to feel 'at home' and Craig likes to nap, the kids make any place their own in such a natural and creative way. I love that the smallest things cause such delight.  On the flight over Nina was enamoured with the mini toothpaste.  Grace and Lily assembled various leaves and flowers and a map and they were off in a world of their own. It happens whenever we travel and it makes me feel as if all is right with the world. Isn't that silly?

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