28 April 2011

Recent makings

Two recent birthdays required some sewing.
Ruby's messenger bag
This bag came from this book.  If I'd anticipated my wonky sewing of the bias binding (need a teflon foot for that Mexican Oil cloth I suspect)  I possibly wouldn't have chosen contrasting red thread....

I've heard a lot of good things about Oliver + S patterns and they are rather lovely, with interesting details like side pockets and front flaps.

And places inside to put pens and an address book.  Very well received by my eight (!) year old.

Nina is very keen on letters at the moment so this seemed just right:

Possibly the easiest thing you could ever sew - even if you can't sew, you could sew this.  (from here)

A book of stamps, a special pen and some envelopes completed the gift.  The fabric is Heather Ross from 'Far Far Away II'.  How is that owl?  And that pussycat, trailing its arm in the water and looking, frankly, less than than enamoured.  I guess after a year and a day even a cat might tire of hearing what a beautiful pussy you are you are.

Nina had been asking for a ragdoll.  Because of Little House I knew she'd want one with boots and a bonnet and bloomers and a Victorian dress.

I more or less made up this one up, based on an earlier doll I'd made Ruby years ago.  I borrowed the face embroidery and hair from one of the dolls in this and broke a vow to never make dolls clothes.  These were actually fun to sew and the lace is beautiful Italian lace that Grandpa and Alex brought back from Venice.  In a way this doll is not really my cup of tea but for a six year old it was just perfect.  No surprise that Nina instantly named her Charlotte.


  1. What a very pretty doll! I started out sewing making dolls. I loved it. I don't make any now. If I had girls maybe I would.

  2. Beautiful doll she looks amazing...WOW

  3. It's a beautiful doll! Wow.