12 July 2013

Things to Do When You Are Bored in The School Holidays (Pt 5)





Make weird furry monster cousins for your monster friends. These were made with Kim. Both Ruby and Nina have done quite a bit of sewing these holidays, mostly clothes for their toys. I used to try to steer them into projects that I thought were suitable for their skill level - pillow cases, bags and so forth. But of course it is much more fun and interesting for them to attempt the things they actually want to make, even if they are not always totally successful. And because they are in control of these projects, I don't have to be 'patient' with them, I don't have to help them, or really do anything at all except show some interest in the finished object. Ruby, in particular, has really increased her confidence in sewing. Like quite a few eldest children I know she can be quick to feel she is 'no good' at something if she doesn't get it right immediately. I don't believe anyone is good at sewing immediately, (or piano, or cooking or a million other skills). You have to either methodically learn or, as I prefer, plunge in and stuff up and try and press on.

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  1. Oh you are so right. I tried to steer my eldest in a similar way but she is more content making dolls clothes or funny little paper objects even if they don't work out. So true, if I stay out of it and show interest in the ta-da moment she's happiest.Great monsters! Cxo

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