26 August 2012

Pen, Pencil, Paper

Sometimes, in a departure from her usual story-telling based oeuvre, Ruby draws maps and diagrams.

Birds eye view of Cyclops wood. The cyclops wood is called that because of looking like the cyclops' only eye.

Birds eye view of the town and country, plus information

Ruffish kind of goodish copy of Mouse School, front on

Because things are way back like the playground doesn't mean there in the sky (these are NOT good drawings)

things smaller are things further away!

which one would you choose? Smug teddy, chatter box teddy, ruff tuff teddy, big new boastful teddy, worn old wise teddy, bashful teddy artistic teddy, greedy teddy, old worn patch teddy

I found these during the playroom clean out. They are all from months ago - some even last year I think. I'm not good at putting dates on pictures.


  1. Ruby appears to be designing an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons module. I want to play that level.

  2. In fact, I choose to play it as Big New Boastful Teddy.