19 August 2012


I confess to being rather scared of spiders, but not these little cuties which will bounce from sticks, for the school fete.


  1. That is genius! Can you share how you made them?

    1. Glad to share. Cut two circles from black non-fraying fabric fabric (I used wool suiting because I had it lying around but felt would work better) and pull a piece of black elastic through the top of one, securing with a knot on the inside. Line up 4 pipe cleaners parallel on the inside of the other circle with the centre of the pipe cleaners roughly at the centre of the circle. Put the two circles together, wrong sides facing/right sides out. Blanket stitch around, leaving a gap for stuffing. Stuff tightly, stitch close, bend legs to shape and trim if needed, glue goggly eyes with PVC, attach to a stick. Easy as can be. To give you an idea of size, the circles I cut out were traced from one of those circular containers that needles of various sizes come in.

  2. And I should just add that I stitched the pipe cleaners down to stop them moving about before sewing the circles together.

  3. its to do with our childhood ju!!!!!!!!