16 August 2012

Artefacts from the Cleanout

Apart from the joy of ridding myself of unwanted STUFF, the great joy of cleaning out the playroom was discovering and rediscovering some of these creations from the past six months or so:

Grace's ship

Ruby's creature

Fox in the Night by Ruby

Kim, Grace and Lily (Ruby and Nina at school) by Grace

Nina's calendars

Twitch's House by Nina

Grace's rendition of Mousie Brown

Nina's letters from some of her mice to some of her other mice

It's an ongoing correspondence

Grace's family.  Hmm, where is Ruby?

1 comment:

  1. I adore that you have a mouse named Ross. Adore. JW has a friend at pre-school named Ross. There is also a Dexter, Tavish, Presley and Trigby. I don't pretend to see any name trends in my neighbourhood at the moment.