27 November 2011

Miss Australia

Ruby's writing journal

Written and illistarted by: Ruby

When I was little I always would go to the backery with mama or darty and bye bread and the lady at the counter was very nice and she would give me a free roll every time, and say "you really are little Miss Australia". Or something like that.

But you see, her boss did not like to give away those lovely rolls so when she served I did not get one.

Now the lady had had good talkings to, and was worried that her boss would fire her. Now mama was pregnent with Nina at the time.

Soon mama had Nina and I wasnt the only one for anything anymore.  Mama and Dada were mine! But they were Ninas as well.  When we went to the boat park Mama and darty played with me!  But they played with Nina as well.  But worst off all, I wasn't the only one who was beautiful Miss Australia anymore, and I wasn't the only one who got a lovely roll.  And she didn't say "now would my little Miss Australia like another little lettuce and chicken roll". She would say "would my 2 little Miss Australias both like another little lettuce and chicken roll."

Any way, she had babys and went to look after them and we didn't get rolls any more and I suppose thats just the consaquense of being so selfish.  But now I'm not 2, now I'm 8 and I'm not selfish over those things anymore.
by Ruby
the End


  1. oh ruby you were never selfish, you were just the cutest little miss Australia who would sit happily in your pram smiling and singing at passers by.
    people would stop me in the street and tell me how gorgeus you were. i agree not only gorgeus but
    a special + kind girl.

  2. I agree with Darty, never selfish, but just the cutest little girl, who enjoyed bread rolls ( like your mama used too). Love you darling Ruby xoxoxo