15 November 2011

There is power in a Union

I went to the book launch of "The Attitude of Cups" this evening, an anthology of poetry put together by the Melbourne Poet's Union. My sister had a poem in the collection. I like her work: it's evocative, honest and short.

On the way to Collected Works, where the launch was held, I passed a noisy demonstration. A small but vocal group, some dressed as chickens, were marching. They held signs deploring the conditions in which they are employed by a large poultry processing company. They were shouting and I stopped to hear their chant. "Whadda we think's outrageous? Paltry/poultry wages. Whadda we think's disgusting? Union busting".

Unions of poets and poets of unions. We need more of both.


  1. Thanks Jules! It was great to have you there.I love the poetry of the demonstrators!