11 November 2011

At the Arty Party

Nina wanted an 'Arty Party' to celebrate her sixth birthday. For various reasons, not least amongst them a lack of parental organisation, the party didn't occur until, ohh, six months after her birthday.

It was worth the wait. She chose Aussie Homesteads as her theme, eschewing the princess/fairy/treasure box options.

Nine children were taught by the lovely and patient Frida how to roll out their slabs, cut out the walls and assemble their houses. They added their own details - water tanks, a rocking chair, an owl. One boy made Hagrid's cottage, another made a tumble-down ruin with a decrepit person hanging out the window. Lily didn't quite make a house but managed to sit for an hour and a half and roll and cut and play with the clay. Afterwards we had icecream and cake.

It was lovely - a low key, productive, interesting, fun. Much like Nina herself.

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