21 May 2011

I'd like to think...

...I taught her well, but here is my hand stitching:
My Doxie dog

And here is hers:

Nina's Doxie dog

Nina's finished Doxie dog

I made a litter of these puppies from this truly lovely book, just because they were unbearably cute. I did them as a bit of instant craft gratification and gave most of them away.

Runts of the litter

Nina started one with me and, as tends to be the way with kids and sewing, picked it up every now and then.  I've found that too much encouragement from me to finish a project is counter productive.  In her own time, at her own pace, every now and then, she'd pick it up, do five stitches, or twenty, ask me to re-thread her needle once, or ten times.
Every now and then, without any sense of urgency, without hurrying just to get it done. And eventually it was done. I've something to learn here I think.

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