14 May 2011

Crossing Over?

I've written before about walking the line.

Big Elf, Little Elf, Pug

These elf hats from this book were all over the internet last Christmas, but the middle of summer didn't seem quite the right time to knit them.
In autumn , by the fire, watching the rain and wind, that seemed about right.  I knit the first for a one year old but it was way too big and Grace immediately adopted it.  Now all the girls want one.

Big Elf - puffin 'chantarelle' from Quince & Co.

Grace Elf

Grace Elf and Lily Elf

I think they are adorable.  But be honest, have I crossed the line?

1 comment:

  1. you have crossed the line and welcome....nothing is too cute on the the other side.