12 December 2013

Southern California Wrap

Santa Monica breakfast condiments

Freeways, beaches and sunshine

We spent our last two days of this little side trip in Santa Monica. Unfortunately, after 2.5 days at Disneyland we were all a bit too exhausted to do much except relax, sleep in and swim. We caught up with some Aussie expat friends who've been living in LA for about 18 months. Fascinating to hear their experiences. Despite some dread I found driving on the notorious freeways fine - much less stressful than navigating. I still have to remind myself 'passenger to the curb' frequently.  When we got 'home' to Boston the Charley Harper fabrics I'd ordered in the 'Black Friday' sales (day after thanksgiving - it's a big day for sales) had arrived, ready to be turned into Christmas stockings for the girls.  We have a week here re-acclimatising (or acclimating as they say here) before we head to New York.  Yesterday it snowed all day.  The girls have never seen snow actually falling before so there was high excitement.  A walk to the post office took ages as every snow flake had to be caught, examined, tasted and every snow drift had to be trodden on or in.  We got proper snow boots today.  Runners just don't cut it.

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