05 December 2013


We arrived after dark at Grand Canyon National Park.  We thought it didn't matter as we had two days there, plenty of time to soak up the magnificent view.

Except that the next morning was foggy.

Looking into the canyon.  Visibility zero.
And freezing.

Ice shards formed on the wire protecting a struggling prickly pear cactus
And the fog didn't lift all that day.  Or the next day.  We hung around as long as we could, hoping the fog would lift but by 2.00pm were leaving the park, Canyon unseen.

This building is perched on the edge of the canyon but you can't tell from this photo
Near the exit  Craig detoured to take one more 'look'.  Miraculously the fog had cleared.
And we could finally see - for miles and miles.

And it was magnificent.

Truly Grand.

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