23 September 2011

Null Arbor

Grace's campervan with surfboard

I learned Latin at school. Mrs Jackson introduced us to the orange booklets of the Cambridge Latin course (anyone remember those?)and I got about as far as "servus, servae, servum, servii, servo, servo."  I doubt I would even have got that far without my brother's hand-me-down booklets with their pencilled-in hand-me-down answers.  How I loathed Caecilius et Matella and their dull adventures in the coquina and hortus. 

My use of Latin is now confined to thinking up pretentious blog addresses, and figuring out the spells in Harry Potter. So, it is with great tumultusque and praesumptio that our familia Sex embark on an itinere across the Nullarbor plain.

We are packing the kids and the surfboard into a six berth campervan and heading West, driving some 3000km to visit my brother and his family: a week on the road and a week in Perth. We'll be (our) four girls, (his) four boys, and four adults.  It's bigger than the Brady Bunch. 

See you all when we get back.


  1. Oh wow, what an adventure! Safe travels!

  2. Null Arbor - i never really thought about it, but of course. I've done that trip over a week and it was awesome - there's so much to see when you slow down enough for it. Snake bones, underground caves + lakes, dingoes!

    I only just read this now - you're probably here in my home town now! Good weather too ... who knows, maybe you'll up and move here...

  3. So lovely! And yes, I know those Latin books well. I did Latin up til yr 10 . Mum mum still regularly mentions her disappointment that I didn't continue with it. Sigh!