20 December 2013

Empire State of Mind

On Monday night, as Craig and I took the subway to Madison Square Gardens to see the Knicks get beaten by 1 lousy point by the Washington Wizards, we agreed that we'd love to live in New York, at least for a year or two. I asked Craig's dad whether he'd live here:  'No way!!!' was his unequivocal answer - he reckoned he'd go crazy within a year. Ruby concurs - too many people for her, she's looking forward to getting back to Boston. Funny isn't it, what does it (or doesn't do it) for a person? 
We've been doing a fair bit - the Museum of Natural History, Empire State Buildjng, Christmas windows on 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Plaza. It's a lot for little legs and old knees, so today we decided on a leisurely stroll through Central Park (Nana and Pa had a rest at home) and a skate at the outdoor rink. It was just what we needed to recharge and refresh - healthy activity that didn't involve battling crowds and making sure eight people have got on or off the subway. We are all getting to be passably decent skaters. Even Lil can get around holding my hand.  
If you come to New York in winter and want to skate, try the Lasker rink at the northern end of the park. Mid week there were no queues and it was $7 and $4 for adults and kids respectively. Highly recommended.
Because of all the snow, the Highline is largely closed, though sections of it are due to open and with warmer weather forecast I'm hopeful I'll get to it before we leave on Sunday. I've somehow also got to squeeze in a visit to the garment district for a bit of fabric shopping, and the Guggenheim.
We went to a fantastic Broadway show - Matilda (a musical based on the Roald Dahl book written by our own Tim Minchin).  My friend Megan had given us a CD of the music which made it especially enjoyable for the kids.  I'm not a huge musical fan but this was really terrific. If it comes to your neck of the woods it's worth going to see. Even Craig liked it.

Today we plan on visiting the Met, which has the tick of approval from Ruby and Nina because of 'From the Mixed-Up Files if Mrs Basil E Frankweiler' which they loved. I'm anticipating another day that alternates between amazing and irritating as we experience priceless wonders whilst contending with the tired or bored or hungry or urgently-needing-a-toilet. Wish me luck.

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