06 December 2013

Attention to Detail

So we are at Disneyland. I remember when Fleur Armstrong's dad took her in Grade 3 and was so jealous but other than that I've never harboured a great desire to go. I'm not a big Disney fan (more a Warner Brothers girl) and I've never loved the Disney aesthetic particularly, not to mention the whole  Disney princessification of childhood for girls. However it seemed inevitable that 3 months in America would involve a trip to Disneyland. 

There are, unsurprisingly, lots of things to enjoy about Disneyland.  It is no coincidence that it remains incredibly popular.  The thing that really struck me was the incredible attention to detail.  In the blurry iphone photos above you can see a sea urchin post top on the railing for the Little Mermaid ride, the wrought iron apples lining the gates on the Snow White ride, and the ride controller's panel for Mr Toad's Wild Ride - made to look like the study in Toad Hall, including tiffany toad lamp.  Everywhere you look there is a detail that demonstrates how carefully thought out the place is.  I was impressed.  I especially enjoyed the recreation of a 1930's era California at the Adventure Park - all deco buildings, trolley cars, and fabulous costumes.  Highlights include the art class with an animator, Splash Mountain which had us all in screaming stitches, all the gravestones leading up to the Haunted Mansion with their corny jokes and the expressions on the girl's faces at various points along the way.  A fun way to end this little portion of our adventure before we head back to Boston for a bit of study (Craig), crafting (me - Christmas is coming up) and a visit from the in-laws.

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