06 November 2015

Rottnest Island

things I loved about Rottnest Island :

  • no cars - the kids could safely ride everywhere.
  • the kids rode everywhere - on their own, with their cousins, in smaller packs.  Even Lily.
  • no one owns Rottnest - everyone is staying in similar fairly basic accommodation, no one has more of a claim on the island than anyone else, no matter how rich or poor they might be.  It lends a very egalitarian air to the place.
  • the beaches are unbelievable.  Really unbelievable.  I'm reminded again why it is really never worthwhile travelling overseas for a beach holiday  -unless you are going for super cheap massages and hair braiding, rather than the actual beaches.  The water was perfectly clear and so clean, the sand so fine and white, the scenery so spectacular and everywhere we went it just seemed to get better.
  • my (extended) family.  We went with my brother and his 4 boys and his amazing wife, Jodi, a local Perth girl who has been going to Rottnest annually since she was a kid.  Jodi is the sort of person who effortlessly plans a week's worth of meals and snacks for 12 people and thinks to pack a decent knife and a cleaning mitt.
  • the weather - perfect 23-25 degree days and cool evenings.
  • walking through the salt lakes, to the lighthouse, down to remote beaches where there was not a soul in sight, listening to podcasts and getting my steps up all in one fell swoop.
  • lino floors. The accommodation is basic and the fact that half the beach was brought inside each day mattered not a damn, when the floors are lino, everyone is wearing sandals and there is  broom that can be used every so often.
  • Lily and Jack making sand balls for hours.
  • the endless hunts up trees, in water, and in dunes, for the frisbee.
  • our proximity to the beach.
  • the way my 14 year old nephew spent hours fishing, rigged up some PVC piping to his bike so he could carry his rods, then filleted and cooked his catch for lunch.
  • the little baby quokkas in their mothers' pouches.  Less appealing was the way they went through your bag at the pub looking for food.
Such a great holiday.

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