09 April 2015

Frida Kahlo Doll

Isn't this cool?  I can take credit only for putting her together which honestly was easy as pie.  This Frida Kahlo, from Miko Designs was such a fun sew.  I added the ribbon round the bottom of the skirt and cut out the extra Frida head and bird from the printed sheet of fabric, that was decorated with a few extra bits and pieces to get creative with.  There was lovely script on the fabric too, which I cut out and  used to decorate a bag for Frida to go in. (she was a gift).  I also made a rabbit from this same designer, with a gorgeous Parisian skirt and other bits and pieces for Grace, which I'll maybe get around to photographing one day.  

1 comment:

  1. I love the way in the first photo, the scale makes it look like the stained glass is a modern, abstract Madonna.