15 April 2014

Miniature replica bedroom

How cool is this? During one of the many wet days last week Ruby and Nina decided to make their room in miniature. (Ignore the untidy real room, I took some quick photos just to give a compare and contrast and didn't stop to 'style')
The miniature version is unfinished but, you know, whether it ever will be finished and when are amongst the many unknowable things in life. Certainly any suggestion by me that they finish it will guarantee they never lookat it again.

They spent hours together looking for appropriate boxes, hunting through my scraps for just the right carpet and fabrics for their quilts. It's such a delight when they work together. The absence of bickering is a balm to my soul.

Can you see the tiny Plank chair with its tiny copy of 'Wildwood'.

Charlotte and Rosemary are there, along with a selection of books, including 'Wonder' and 'Liar & Spy' and even an old Charlie & Lola.  

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  1. So awesome...I may suggest how cool this is to my kids and see if they take the hint.