19 April 2014

Good Friday

It's been an unusual couple of weeks on the work front and the uncertainty surrounding a particular project meant we couldn't plan any time away this Easter. So it was a treat that various stars aligned and we were able to nip down to the coast on Thursday night to spend Good Friday away. It was wet and very very muddy, though the sun came out intermittently. At dusk a kookaburra sat in a branch overhead and dive bombed the kitchen window, tapping with his enormous beak, telling us it was dinner time. Perhaps he is used to being fed. He woke us in the morning too, clearly expecting breakfast.  Ruby and Nina accepted Craig's bet to run to the top of the ridge and back without stopping. Despite Ruby 'feeling like she was going to die' they made it. He now has to take them to Haighs for their choice of chocolate...
We read a bit, played bananagrams, Nana and Pa visited and we all ate way too many hot cross buns.  

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