25 October 2013

School's Out (Nearly)

School is nearly out for summer.  In just 6 more school days, the girls will finish up for the year and we will head overseas, whilst their classmates battle on for another 6 weeks.  My girls can barely begin to imagine how lucky they are; no school, a long airplane trip during which they have been promised they can watch as much TV as they want, a white Christmas.  I think I'm most looking forward to having time to just be a family together, corny as that sounds.  I'm sure it won't be stressfree, but it will be much closer to it than the past 12 months have been.

Craig thinks it is very strange that, after spending 5 days a week at school, the kids come home and play school for hours. Their games are very involved, and there may be work books written, home work assigned, spelling and maths tests and strict (much stricter than in real life) teachers.  Leaf Cottage, at top, is obviously a very able student.  I like this line; 'With her social problems though, maybe you could help her find a friend at the orphanage'.


  1. Have a fantastic time, and safe travels!

  2. Where did the year go? hope you all have a fantastic time. xx Paula

  3. Oh! Is Florence really her middle name? That is beautiful. I love the name Florence. In my family tree there are quite a few Florence's but they were always boys :-)