11 October 2013

Tutus with in-built Corporate Sponsorship

I had a pile of bright pink donated bemsilk. The shade is my least favourite pink but likely to delight children of a certain age. Simple tutus adorned with rosettes seemed a simple way to use up large quantities of material. I based them on this one.

Years ago I bought a skirt at the op shop to make a pair of trousers for a toy monkey. I had never noticed, til now, that the lining was embossed with the logo of the National Australia Bank. I'm guessing the skirt was an official uniform circa 1990. I wonder if the NAB still ensures that the lining of its corporate outfits is watermarked with the bank brand. It's a strange extravagence isn't it? Afterall, no one is going to see the lining of the employees skirts (presumably...)

The recipients of these fairy dresses will, unbeknownst to them, have a tiny slice of Australian history sewn into their dress-ups. Hope they like them.

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