08 December 2012

The Trees

I was starting to think that our jacaranda tree wasn't going to come to the party this year. I should have had more faith. Just as I started to notice a little purple blush around the neighbourhood the first flowers bloomed on our tree.

I thought perhaps it was going to be a disappointing year for our tree. But then, within days, it opened into its full glory. For two weeks every year, a bit longer if we are lucky, this tree gives me a thrill every day.

And then, of course, there was the other tree that arrived today.

It was stinking hot, too hot even for Lily to stick to her guns and insist on wearing long sleeves.  She chose nothing instead.  Her legs are a mess of mozzie bites.  I said to her "Did you get those from the trampoline the other night?"  She looked at me like I was thick and said "No, I get them from 'quitos."  Of course.

We've got 30 people coming tomorrow for a barbeque and of course the cool change will come through tonight and tomorrow will be cold and wet.  Isn't that the way of things?

Nevertheless, the barbeque is a good incentive to get the garden in order before Christmas.

that's me, in the bauble!
Those weeds are no longer, replaced by 2.5cubic meters of mulch, with plans to plant things after the holidays.

Both trees now look fabulous.  I do love the Christmas tree, but even all decked out it can't compete, in my book, with that spectacular purple explosion.

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