04 August 2014

All The Pretty Horses

My sewing definitely goes in fads.  I've whipped up 10 of these pretty horses in the past week, and they are not quick to make. But they are just so satisfying, the way three simple pieces of fabric come together into a very horsey shape.  There is, of course, also the fiddly addition of ears, and the mane and tail, and stuffing always takes time. I think the vintage fabrics, partly from stash, partly from Joan and partly donated to the craft stall, work well.  The pattern is from Karin Neuschutz's 'Sew Soft Toys', a kind gift from Suse.  It's the third thing I've made from the book and all the patterns so far have been simple but excellent.  I think you'd need reasonable sewing experience and a fairly clear idea of how to put something like this together though, the book is not terribly detailed and might be a bit confusing for beginners.
I'll quite possibly never make another one of these.  I think I've had my fill(y).


  1. That book had your name all over it. And they are indeed very pretty horses.

  2. These are great!

  3. These are gorgeous Julie. My daughter is horse mad & would love one of these to bits. Will have to get myself a copy of that book. Great vintage fabrics!