27 August 2013

Beach Weekend

We took Ruby's friend Indigo away with us for the weekend. All five girls spent hours and hours playing in the tree house. I guess they were orphans, judging by the graves of 'Ma' and 'Father'. We climbed the lighthouse and had our friends round for afternoon tea. They brought a passionfruit sponge, my favourite. Ruby and Indigo both have Doc Martens, but I note that Indigo's, though older, are in far better nick. Grace made a pom pom and has worn it every day since. She has barely taken off the fingerless gloves that she wore as a pickpocket in the school musical, either.  Nan and Pa came over and we climbed the ridge and made a fire and toasted marshmellows.  The wattle was out all along the Great Ocean Road.  You could smell the end of winter.  A typical weekend away, extraordinary in all the usual ways.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful way to spend a weekend. It truly does feel like Spring is here. Cxo