16 November 2012

Instructions, and a Rose

Do not open please! You must find the keys.  The silver will help you and the gold will come in use later.  please do not ask us we cannot help. You must do this bit independent. when you open the chest you will use the gold key so please do not open.  You may think this makes NO sense but it does.

Trip up the mountain and back in 33 days.  That's a whole lot of growing.

My blanket, close up of my room (by Harriet)

At first I thought this read 'Respect vs Mice'.  But for mouse loving Nina, that would never make sense.

I often find funny instructions, diagrams, unfinished books and parts of games by Nina. This is the sort of stuff I throw away constantly, but I know that it is also the stuff that will define her in my memory more than, for example, school reports. Evidence of that quirky, interesting mind at work.

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  1. These are so fabulous. It is wonderful that you are documenting them this way.