15 June 2013


My friend Bridget found this panel of 'Recess' at a garage sale. The woman selling it had apparently bought it in Paris for 25 euros, presumably persuaded by it's look and theme that it was vintage, rather than part of the recent American Jane collection designed by Sandy Klopp. In any event, Bridget thought it would make a sweet wall hanging for her friend's forthcoming baby. Bridget strenuously maintains that she cannot sew. Whilst I strenuously maintain that anyone can sew, I am happy to accept that it falls into the category of things that one 'cannot' do because one really had absolutely no desire to. For example, I 'cannot' run. I 'cannot' maintain organised filing systems. I 'cannot' get up early to excercise.

Bridget asked me to make it into a simple wall hanging but I quickly persuaded her to let me turn it into a small quilt - something to put on the floor for tummy time (oh how all my babies hated tummy time...), or to make the pram a little bit cosier. I added the red panels to the sides and used some blue fabric from my stash that had a vintage feel with a dotted stripe through it as the backing fabric. I bound it in yellow stripes to stick with the primary colour scheme and quilted it up with a stipple effect in vertical lines. A very simple sew, but I'm pleased with the result and hope that Bridget and her friend (and her friend's baby) like it too.

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