30 January 2013

Warning Signs

Warning! Please be alert that if you are Listening to these albums the song aren't ALL in the right order. Thank you. 

Missing!! Mr Popanally's sword! the original one! Its very sad and we want it back! Please look for it! It looks like this: it's actually really much smaller than that.  If you find it then Deliver it to: Ruby and Nina's Room or if you see Nina give it to her.  Sorry I'm in a Hurry.

Bonjoir mersier. us girls we NO talk your laungage. please take us to cafe and get us a prase book. Thank-you

Dear Mrs Slencer, I am awfully sorry about Kaitlin I don't know whats come over her. Shes locked herself in her room and I've been knocking on the door for about half an hour now.  She can't run away because the window in her room is awfully stiff but I will give her a note to tell about what you said.  Thanks Miranda Buckley.

Missing Miffy 'Four'  block.  These were the letters written on it. FGH.  If you find please return to "the playroom", "Ruby and Ninas Room" or "Grace and Lily's Room" which ever ones closer.  Thankyou.  Please sign if you have read and LISTENED To!  Pens  Look down!

A phrase book might be more practical if you don't talk the language, but a praise book might also come in handy.

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